Successful Purchase

Do you want to buy real estate and want to know the precautions to take to ensure the success of your transaction? Dumas Realty & Homes offers you the expertise needed to make your real estate project a success. We understand the stakes that such a project represents in your life. You will find the necessary assistance with our two real estate agencies located in Villefranche-sur-Mer and Beaulieu-sur-Mer. In this article, discover our tips for a successful real estate purchase and finding the property of your dreams. We guide you through all the steps.


Prepare your real estate purchase


Buying a property, whether it is a first acquisition, a secondary property or a rental investment, requires good preparation. This step is important because it helps clarify your project. Knowing your search criteria will allow you to better target your visits.

Good preparation begins with defining the precise criteria of your future property and your maximum budget. Identify all the elements essential to the completion of your transaction, defining what you do not want to give up.


Define your budget


Before you begin your research, it is necessary to take stock with your banker about your borrowing capacity. You can then, in view of your finances, set your maximum budget (including notary fees and any work to be done).

If you prepare your case well, you will be able to obtain a loan that is better suited to your needs. Also measure your repayment capacity based on your annual income. To do this, try to have a proactive vision and anticipate changes in your standard of living and your financial situation.


Get organized and be informed


Good organization is a success factor when buying real estate. Considering the importance of the variables that can condition your purchase, getting documents in order will be a big help. After that, it is advisable to learn about the current conditions of the real estate market and to update your knowledge with the latest changes. Then decipher the ads and find out in advance about the properties that you may like. Also study the life of the neighborhood in which you want to buy.


Choose the devices and possible aids to buy your home


There are certain banking arrangements as well as state aid that can allow you to partially finance your future housing. You will be able to benefit from it according to your situation and according to the type of your acquisition. The most common assistances in France are: a home savings loan, a zero-interest loan, a agreement loan, a social access loan and personalized housing assistance.


Complete your purchase


When you have taken into account all the details listed above and finally chosen your property, it is time to formalize the transaction. This step begins with the signing of a preliminary contract. It can be a unilateral promise to sell or a sales agreement. You will then need to contact a notary to sign the authentic deed of sale. It is the latter who regularizes the operation



Purchase with a licensed professional


Seeking the support of a real estate agency will be an insurance and a great help in carrying out your project. Thanks to its mastery of the real estate market, our team will allow you to realize your real estate project under the best conditions possible.

Dumas Realty & Homes located in Villefranche-sur-Mer and Beaulieu-sur-Mer, offers you personalized support to make your real estate purchase a success. Founded in 1967, the agency has the expertise, know-how and experience necessary to complete your project. We help you make a profitable investment.


Accurately assessing the value of a property is one of the most important steps towards a successful property investment. Have your real estate assets valued by one of your chartered surveyors.


Calculate your loan with our loan simulator


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