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Do you want to sell your property? Do you need an estimate that is true to the market? A real estate appraisal is a necessary step for the successful advancement under the best conditions. What does it consist of? Why is it importance ? Who to entrust with it? Dumas Realty & Homes, founded in 1967 and specializing in real estate, provides you with its experience and know-how in this field. Find the answers to all your questions on this subject in this article.

Real Estate Valuation: what is it?

The real estate appraisal is presented as an operation requiring the intervention of an experienced, competent, qualified professional and is bound by professional secrecy. It consists in carrying out with rigor and impartiality in-depth work and a sharp analysis in order to estimate the market value of a building, land or property. The estimate is based on many parameters related to the asset itself and well-defined market conditions.

Who can request an expertise and in which case?

The appraisal can be carried out at the request of the owner of the property, in particular when he plans to sell it or bequeath it to his heirs. Likewise, it can be carried out on the initiative of an external third party. The latter can be, in the context of a dispute, a judge or a representative of the tax services. It can also be a notary in inheritance and donation cases, or even a wealth manager or a trustee when one wants to make a sale. The same may be asked by your insurer when there is a contract, or by your accountant for the valuation of your assets.

Why seek real estate expertise?

There are many reasons why it is advisable to have a real estate appraisal carried out. It makes it possible to make a fair diagnosis of the value of real estate, whatever its nature. Expertise also makes it possible to receive in a single document all the exhaustive information about a property in order to ensure the mandate (buyer or seller), to buy or sell it at the right price, without injury or excessive profit. Indeed, the estimate helps the owner in determining the most suitable selling price and enlightens the future buyer so that he can make a profitable investment.

The estimate also remains necessary in the context of a donation or an inheritance. The declaration of inheritance indeed includes the market value of the real estate on the day of transmission to the beneficiaries. For this, carrying out an expertise is very important. It will allow an equitable sharing between all the heirs. Likewise, it remains a great help in the event of divorce to avoid any dispute at the time of the division of property acquired jointly by the spouses.

You can also use the estimate for negotiations, including convincing a banker to take out a finance loan. It also remains useful in certain legal proceedings, is also important for eviction or expropriation, and for declaring a fair tax.


The process of an appraisal

The appraisal of a property takes place in several stages. Carried out by an expert, it begins with the receipt of the customer’s request. The specialist contacted for this purpose first of all inquires about the objective of the mission to be carried out before proceeding to the visit of the property. At this stage, he takes measurements, checks the state of the property, its surface and its location.

All information is intersected and then the expert studies the documents provided by the applicant (plans, title deeds, building permits, rental or construction contracts) to analyze the characteristics of the property. Once the study is completed, he then proceeds to the valuation of the property while taking into account the market and the particularities of the environment in which it is located. Several techniques are available to him for this purpose. He can thus apply: the index method, the income method, the comparison method, the promising balance sheet method, etc.


At the end of his assessment, the expert drafts an official report to the applicant on his assignment. This document, drawn up in a clear, precise and concise manner, gathers the studies carried out on the property, and transcribes the conclusions of the specialist who carried them out. Rich in analyzes, calculations, demonstrations and supporting documents, it will be used to inform and secure the decisions of individuals, the administration or the courts.

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Do you want to carry out a real estate appraisal in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, Villefrance-sur-Mer or Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat? Dumas Property & Homes provides you with a team of qualified experts to carry out the appraisal of your property. With more than 50 years of experience, today we remain a foremost reference in the field. Based in Villefranche-sur-Mer and Beaulieu-sur-Mer, we are available to help you make your project a reality. Contact us now for a true estimate of the real estate market.


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